"Only in Adoption"
In the effort to protect and advocate for fair treatment and laws within the realm of adoption, the purpose of this survey is to understand how adopted individuals were treated in the adoptive home. Your name and identifying characteristics are NOT required for this survey.

*Note: The questionnaire is based on acknowledging the innate rights of adopted people to have access to their birth certificate or knowledge of their blood-related family members--if they so wish. This survey is completely bias in favor of human rights for all people.

You may use an anonymous name. At the end of this questionnaire, you can allow or deny administrator updates and information on the collective results of this survey. You will receive an auto-response copy of your answers to the email you provide below:
Which describes your situation most?
Are you male or female?
What year were you adopted?
What country were you born in?
What country were you adopted to?
How old were you when you were adopted?
Are you the same race as your adoptive parents?
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