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→All post must have Anchor text/hyper link that point to No Anchor = No Stakes
→We only allow one submission from one user on the free platform Medium or Steemit and the other must be on the Top Level Domains - .com .io . net and etc
→The content must be be posted on a publicly available cryptocurrency-specific website that is at least 1 month old. While it need not be entirely about SimpleSwap, all content must contain an explanation of our services.
→The content must be well written (to a fluent level) and be a minimum of 500 words long. We will accept a MAXIMUM of [b]two submissions per person[/b], where each submission is unique and posted on separate platforms. You must also provide links to our website, twitter, facebook and instagram. Links to our website (SimpleSwap) should have an anchor text using one of the following keywords:
→Please don't mention bounty on your post, or your submission will not be counted
→Your articles should be well structured. Divided into paragraphs and headings. It is advisable to draw a conclusion at the end of the article
→Content must be unique. Reposting of somebody’s else content is not allowed.
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