Transcript Request Form
1. This transcript request form is only for Louisiana PRIVATE colleges or out-of-state colleges. If you are attending a Louisiana Public University your transcript does not need to be sent. They have access to it digitally.

2. A final certified transcript is a college requirement and will be mailed mid-June. If you need a transcript for scholarship purposes they can be sent immediately. Make sure you check the correct box at the end of the form.

3. Previously sent transcripts are not final, so if you are requesting a transcript for scholarship purposes, or have requested one in the past, you will still need to submit a request for a final certified transcript separately.

4. You MUST Request a final certified transcript for the college you will be attending or it will not be sent.

5. Transcripts will not be sent if this request form is not submitted.
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If you are requesting a transcript for scholarship purposes it will be sent sooner, but you will still need to request a final transcript. Final certified transcripts will not be sent until mid-June *
Check here if you are an athlete and need to request an additional transcript for the NCAA Clearinghouse.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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