2017 Theatre Quiz
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In which Beatles song do we hear Oswald being killed by Edgar?
Who knows Paris best, Judith or David Bliss?
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For whom (and in what work) does “Basingstoke” teem with hidden meaning?
Which Shakespearean King definitely wears buttons?
Which play might have used the word “Freret”, “Gentilly”, or “St. Claude” in its title?
Which ancient play (and by whom) arguably renders the Trojan War unnecessary?
How does Sophia Egorovna succeed where Ivan Petrovich fails (and name the plays)?
Who (and in which play) will probably never get to Sidcup and may not need to to go there anyway?
On which occasion and on which stage is it believed that the line “You sock-dologizing old mantrap” was followed by the line “Sic semper tyrannis”?
Which woman (and in which play) manages to pay off the mortgage just as her husband dies?
Which brand of dog biscuits does Samuel Beckett think suitable for dust-binned parents?
What did the “Riot Club” have for pudding?
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