Liver Cancers Council Membership Form
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The Global Liver Institute’s Liver Cancers Council brings together representatives from not-for-profit, for-profit, government agencies, and patient representatives capable of and committed to addressing the challenges and impact of liver cancers on individuals, communities, companies, and societies around the world.
Membership Criteria
Organizations with a demonstrated expertise in clinical medicine, research, public health, health policy, minority health and health disparities, oncology, hepatology or patient perspectives are eligible for membership.  Individuals able to demonstrate significant contributions to the areas of public health, health policy, minority health and health disparities, oncology, or hepatology may be eligible for membership.
Meeting Frequency
The Liver Cancers Council will convene twice per calendar year, at least once in person.
The Liver Cancers Council will create workgroups to advance and develop specific concepts (e.g. patient education, medical education, public education, policy, value, clinical workflow, patient-centered care) and so may determine a schedule of teleconferences between meetings of the full Council.
Member Responsibilities
Liver Cancers Council members may assess and report to GLI any previous, ongoing or planned liver cancers-related activities. We ask that members inventory their research, clinical trials, communications, education, employee wellness programs, and other assets to identify where liver cancers efforts are feasible.
Use of Name and Logo
The Liver Cancers Council may develop presentations or other materials which include member names and logos. Members are requested to provide high resolution logos for use. Materials will be circulated for permission prior to dissemination.
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