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University of Colorado Denver Educational Opportunity Programs Lynx Crew Member Information Form 2016-2017
Below are the expectations and benefits for the Crew Members
Crew Member expectations:
*Crew Member must commit to meeting with their Coach every three weeks in the fall or spring semester
*Crew Members are expected to participate in the program for one semester (participating includes meetings, attendance at events and workshops)
*Crew Members will take part in the Intercultural Engagement Certificate (IEC)
*Crew Member will attend the End of the Year Ceremony
Benefits to Crew
*Crew Members will have exposure to resources, networks, programs and services at CU Denver
*Crew Members will develop a sense of community at CU Denver
*Crew Members will learn self-advocacy, self-discovery, cultural competency, and self-identity
*Crew Members will become socially and academically engaged at CU Denver
*Crew Members will be exposed to culturally diverse events, activities, and professional development
*Crew Members will be Invited to an award ceremony to honor their participation in the program
*Increase retention efforts through social and academic involvement
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