Seeds of Change: Partner Application
What is Seeds of Change?
There will be 1,000,000 computer-related job openings by 2020. If current employment trends hold, only 26% of those openings will be filled by women. Engineering offers a bleaker number; women hold only 12% of the jobs.

How does one ready herself to pursue STEM studies and a career in the face of numbers like these? Technical skills and knowledge - while critically important - are not enough. Women’s underrepresentation in STEM is due in large part to the presence of persistent stereotypes and gender bias. Seeds of Change is an initiative out of the Clayman Institute’s Center for Women’s Leadership at Stanford University. We partner with high school level STEM groups to provide innovative leadership training and support to students as they transition through high school and college to successful careers.

Seeds of Change connects Stanford STEM undergrads with high school level groups focused STEM. Through a series of animated videos developed by our research team, as well as mentor-led and peer-driven discussion, the initiative plants a foundation of frameworks, knowledge, and skills for successful leadership in the STEM arena, and beyond. Participants will grow to recognize gender dynamics, and learn how to navigate environments impacted by gender bias and stereotypes.
How do we become a Seeds of Change Partner?
STEP 1: Meet the following participation criteria:
· We are a group of high-school level students.
(note: your group does not have to be affiliated with a high school)
· We are interested in STEM.
· We are located in the Palo Alto or neighboring area.
· We will be meeting during the 2018-2019 school year.

STEP 2: Complete this Application Form.

STEP 3: If selected, meet with a Seeds of Change team member.

STEP 4: If admitted, start meeting with your Stanford mentors in the Fall of 2018!

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