Eduten Playground research pilot
Thank you for your interest in the Eduten Playground research pilot! We have shown great learning improvements in Finland, and are thrilled to work with you to discover the impact on your students as well.

The pilot will take place over the next 8 weeks, and it consists of the following phases:

1. Setup. Let your teachers know that you are about to participate in the pilot. It's preferable that you choose third or fourth grade.
2. Teacher workshop. We introduce the participating teachers to the benefits and use of Eduten Playground.
3. Curriculum mapping. We create an exercise program that matches your lesson plans for the next 8 weeks.
4. Pilot use. Teachers and students use Eduten Playground for 8 weeks, one lesson per week + homework.
5. Research. Pedagogical experts from University of Turku, Finland will analyse the data collected during the pilot, and write a scientific report about the results.
6. Closing. Eduten presents the results to to your school. The participating teachers and students receive a certificate for completing the pilot.

Now we need to know a little more about you and your school. Please enter the following information to sign up for a pilot.

Henri Muurimaa
CEO, Eduten Ltd.
phone/whatsapp: +358400474778

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