ACRL Oregon Professional Development Scholarship Application
ACRL-Oregon is delighted to announce the new Professional Development Scholarship. Beginning in Spring 2016, up to three $250 scholarships will be awarded annually. Applications are reviewed at three points throughout the year: March 31, July 31, and November 30.

How can the scholarship be used?
The ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship may be used toward conferences, workshops, courses, seminars, or other learning opportunities (including e-learning opportunities) appropriate to the applicant. The funding priority is registration and transportation costs incurred by the applicant.

Professional Development Scholarships will not be awarded for ACRL-OR/WA Fall Conference attendance as this annual event has its own scholarships.

Who is eligible?
All ACRL-Oregon members in good standing.
Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received a Professional Development Scholarship from ACRL-Oregon.

Who is not eligible?
Non ACRL-Oregon members.

How will applications be evaluated?
Please visit our FAQ page, which contains our evaluation rubrics and answers to frequently asked questions.

Applications are accepted throughout the year (September 1 - August 30), but are only reviewed at three points throughout the year: March 31, July 31, and November 30.

For more information:
Contact the ACRL-OR Board President:

Stephanie Debner
ACRL-OR President, 2016-2017
Mt. Hood Community College

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