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Do you currently have a job? If yes, where and how long have you worked there?
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Is this the job you plan on doing for your Work-Based Learning Internship?
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Given the opportunity to work for any company in the community, what company would you choose? Why?
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Self Evaluation
Attendance Record for (2016-2017)
Discipline Record (2016-2017)
Discipline Record (2016-2017)
Social Skills (working with others)
Self Motivation
Enthusiasm (for assigned tasks)
Strives for Excellence
Mentally Alert (organization/problem solving skills)
Proper Etiquette or Manners
Personal Appearance/Grooming
Atitude Toward Constructive Criticism
Ability to Adapt to Change
Teamwork/Cooperation with Other
Communication Skills
Attention to Detail
Sets Realistic Goals
Cell Phone/Social Media Control or Etiquette
If a close friend or classmate was asked to describe you in 3 words, what would they say?
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You are required to have two teacher recommendation forms completed in order to participate in Work-Based Learning. You should have received the instructions to provide to the teachers to complete the erecommendations.
Please list the names of the two teachers you plan to ask to complete recommendations for you for WBL.
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