8 Week Online Level 2 Intuitive Listening Training with Rachel Hope-- Application
Spring 2017 Level 2 Trainee Application

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The cost of this training is: $1300. Plus $300 for accommodations for Myrtle Beach retreat. Do you require a payment plan?
This training consists of weekly online calls, one-on-ones with Rachel Hope, required reading, homework assignments, daily meditation, daily movement and more. Can you commit to the entire course? *
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This training is VERY INTENSE. It requires a commitment to yourself and to the group. What can you commit to bring to the group? *
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You will be discovering and working with your LIFE PURPOSE. What do you think your life's purpose is at this point in your life? *
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You will be asked to commit to work with INTENTION for the duration of the 8 weeks. You will be asked to begin to live mindfully, living hour to hour with intention. Can you commit to this work? *
There will be a REQUIRED 3 night/4 day retreat to Myrtle Beach. Can you attend? (Current dates are May 10-13, 2017 but are subject to change- if need be.) *
You will be required to read larger volumes of material for this course. Can you commit to completing all the reading materials and turning in homework on time? *
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