2019 Champions for Change
Are you ready to plan a change for your community? Are you ready to join thousands of citizens and hundreds of organizations working to create an equitable, healthy and ecologically thriving region?

If so, please apply today to become a Champion for Change with One Region Forward’s Citizens Planning School! Through a series of six workshops, homework, and teamwork over three months, Champions for Change learn how to turn ideas into action with practical tools, knowledge, and leadership skills.

Based on a match of talents and passions, Champions and University at Buffalo students will be placed in action planning teams. Champions also receive technical support through faculty mentors in collaboration with UB’s School of Architecture and Planning, Blackstone LaunchPad’s social entrepreneurship program, and It Takes A Village Action Organization.

For more information on the Champions for Change Program: http://www.oneregionforward.org/citizen-planning-school/

Application Guidelines & Selection Considerations
Admission will be made on a rolling basis beginning January 2, 2019. This online application process opens December 18, and online applications will be accepted until Friday, January 25 11:59pm. Early applications will be given special consideration. The official program begins Tuesday, February 26 at Hayes Hall, UB South Campus.

Selection of the 2018 Champions for Change will be based on a variety of considerations. We aim to create a diverse fellowship of Champions from across our region, including urban, rural, and suburban communities. We aim to support Champions with a diversity of intentions and ideas for change - all ideas are welcome!!

We particularly welcome initiatives that would advance the "Five Big Ideas" of the One Region Forward Plan to create an equitable and ecologically thriving region, http://www.oneregionforward.org/the-plan/. This includes developing healthy, vibrant neighborhoods; strengthening food systems; enhancing climate resilience, regenerating vacant lots and ecosystems, and building the capacity of our citizens.

Traditionally, Champions have applied individually, but teams with a common concern are welcome to apply together (however, each team member will need to apply separately).

Selection of Champions will also take into consideration the capacity of the University at Buffalo student teams to support proposed projects.

Thank you for service to our communities and for your interest becoming a Champion for Change with the Citizen Planning School!

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Do you belong to any community organizations, block clubs, boards, agencies, or other groups where you work to make a difference in your community or the region? Please list them. *
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What diverse perspective will you contribute to the first 1RF Champions for Change student body? We are looking for widespread participation across the community. Tell us something(s) about yourself that helps describe how you will contribute to the program’s diversity.
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Your idea for change
In one sentence, what is the change you desire to lead?
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Where is the primary location of this project's activities? (Ex. City of Buffalo's West Side, City of Niagara Falls, Town of Wilson, etc.) *
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Who would this project benefit? How would it benefit them? *
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Your story of change
You are already an engaged member of your community. Today, you envision a change you want to see in the world. You want to become a leader has made this change real in the world.

Imagine several years in the future when you have already been tremendously successful in championing this change... What will the world look like when you and your partners are successful? How did you and your team make it all happen? What was the world like before you, your neighbors and allies took action?

Please share your vision with us, using a special storytelling framework developed by one of our best modern storytelling team: Pixar Animation Studios. Every Pixar film shares the same narrative DNA – a deep structure of storytelling that involves six sequential sentences:
1. Once upon a time …
2. Every day …
3. One day …
4. Because of that …
5. Because of that …
6. Until finally …

Powerful change requires us to be able to tell powerful stories. We can't wait to hear yours!

Please note: the only requirement for the story you create is that it address each of the 6 Pixar prompts to tell the story of the change your heart desires. It could be as short as 6 sentences! If you have any questions, or if find it writing this story difficult, please do not hesitate to contact Darren Cotton (d.cotton@udcda.org)

Please refer to One Region Forward's own story of change down below for inspiration.

What is your story of change?
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Example Story of Change
Looking back on your success
There are always breakdowns, and eventually breakthroughs, as we go about the challenging work of bringing about the change we desire in the world. Looking back at the story of change you shared, who were the people who helped you overcome the challenges along the way? What were the resources you discovered along the way that allowed you to be successful?
Of the people who were essential to your success, who are already among your friends and allies today? How have they been involved?
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Of the people who were essential to your success, who are people you hope to become partners with you this year?
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What resources and assets did you use to make the change? Where and how did you find them?
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Looking from the present to the future, where are you in your timeline in the story you shared? What have you accomplished already, and what are your next steps?
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How would your participation in Champions for Change help you connect with the people and resources that are essential to your success? How do you think Champions for Change can be help you make your story of change happen?
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I am able to attend ALL 6 Champions for Change Tuesday evening workshops, 6pm - 8:40pm (2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23, 5/7)
I am able to attend the final IDEA Summit & Graduation, 5/11 Saturday morning.
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