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Thanks for considering hosting Molly  for a house concert. This form will help us gather the information we need and give you a clearer understanding of what hosting entails. Having shared her music in countless homes and yards she can attest to the value of the small, communal concert experience. At each house show we hope to facilitate a safe and supportive space in which people can be present with one another, and experience original music in a hospitable, interactive setting.

While the customary rate for a house concert ranges between $1000+ depending on a number of contributing factors, we realize that some of you may have trouble meeting this fee, and invite you to submit regardless to see if we can work something out. There are always options! 

Molly loves the intimate, collective house concert experience, and will be debuting new songs and old songs in new form this year. She really loves to bring along members of her band to show their remarkable talents! 
We look forward to meeting you & bringing the music to the people with you as hosts!  

 If you have any questions/concerns while filling out the form, please feel free to contact us:

Thank you for exploring this unique and fun opportunity!
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Molly in your living room? 
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 Event Date ( see below for other date notes) 
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Host Contact Name*
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Host Contact Phone
It is important that we be able to contact you, especially surrounding the day-of logistics.
Sound equipment provided
Depending on the environment, sometimes no PA is needed. When it is helpful, Molly can bring  a small PA that works well for house shows; however, if you have your own sound equipment, please tell us a bit about below. If not, just enter N/A.
Describe your space

A common question is "how much space is needed, and what kind of space?" Molly has played in a wide variety of spaces (garages, living rooms, warehouses, on back porches, in studio apartments, etc.). It just requires a bit of creativity.  Feel free to ask for advice on how to comfortably fit the most people into your space. She also will need a private room to warm up, and chill out in. 
Event door time
What time would you like guests to arrive?
Show time! 
Funding options
As passionate as we are about house shows, creating and performing music is Molly's job. In addition to touring being one of the main revenue streams for a musician, it costs significant money to travel, eat and sleep away from home. It has proven necessary and helpful for us to spell out needs on the front end. To be plain, we need to make a minimum of $1000 (called a "guarantee") at each show to make it financially sustainable. Before you throw in the towel, we want you to know that meeting this goal has rarely been a problem for hosts and in some cases, with donations & tips the amount may be greater.  When discussed in advance, we are willing to be flexible, and invite you to submit even if you have concerns about reaching the guarantee. Payment in cash,  check, PayPayl or Venmo is acceptable.
Suggested donation
We always recommend asking for a specific amount for the suggested donation (we recommend $25-55, but it's up to you). If you have chosen "Sponsor Guarantee - Free Admission" above, type N/A.
This isn't mandatory, but when possible, lodging can be super helpful! As such, is lodging available via guest room, hotel accommodations, or Airbnb?
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Are you able to provide a meal before the show?
It's generally a treat for Molly and gang to enjoy a meal with hosts before the show, and she enjoys getting to know you in this way! It also helps with touring expenses. Molly is not picky, but healthier options are preferred. For example: salads, vegetables, grains, fruit, etc. When possible, she prefers to eat at least two hours before performance time.
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Dedicated space for merch
Molly travels with t-shirts, CDs, vinyl, etc. and it would be helpful to have a table somewhere to set these items up for sale. In any invitation to guests or introduction at the show, it's helpful to remind folks to support the artists directly by buying merch.  Do you have a table or similar that she could use for these purposes?
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Cancellations are unfortunate, but they are a part of life. If for some reason, you have to cancel the event, please don't fret! There is no fee whatsoever for cancellation two weeks before the show date. After that, we ask for a 50% payment. Extenuating circumstances will be considered and we are reasonable people!

Please DO let us know ASAP so that we can reroute, or book the date elsewhere. So long as it's long enough in advance, all should be well! You can always reach us by emailing management:
Thank you!
Thank you for considering the possibility of hosting a house concert. We don't know where we would be without the kindness and hospitality of friends and strangers. Attendees have exclaimed numerous times "I didn't know something like this was even possible!" It truly is an extraordinary thing to be a part of.  We want to do everything we can to make sure that the whole thing is a positive experience for you from start to finish. If you have any questions at all along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch!

With gratitude,

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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