2021 IPRRC Abstract/Author(s) Information
Public relations professionals, educators, and graduate students are invited to submit competitive abstracts for paper presentations at the premier public relations research conference, the 24th International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), to be held March 4-6, 2021 as a virtual conference.

Please read the submission instructions carefully, as they have changed since 2020. Please note that you will not upload your abstract in this form; however, you will provide your abstract and author(s) information here to complete the submission process. Please make sure to follow the submission instructions below:

(1) Step 1: Email your abstract to iprrc.org@gmail.com as a two-page attachment in Microsoft Word file. Use the first page as your title page and include the following: author names and affiliations, corresponding author email addresses, submission category (General or Student), and a short version of your abstract in less than 50 words. On the second page, provide a blinded copy of your paper title and the complete, full-length one-page abstract. The abstract should be single-spaced, using 12-pt Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around on letter size (8.5 x 11 in) paper. In the email subject line, please enter: [Submission] last names of all authors. Please see this example from last year’s submission.

(2) Step 2: Please complete THIS Abstract/Author(s) Information Form to provide your author(s) and abstract information immediately after your submission email.

(3) BOTH steps (1) and (2) need to be completed by the deadline for the submission to be considered as complete. Not following the procedure will result in disqualification of your abstract submission.

For more information, please visit http://iprrc.org/. For further questions, please contact Conference Directors Dr. Bora Yook, Fairfield University, and Dr. Zifei Fay Chen, University of San Francisco, at: iprrc.org@gmail.com.
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