OTR A.D.O.P.T. Questionnaire
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Please tell us about your interest in rehabbing an historic Cincinnati building? What is your desired use of such a property (A home? Rental apartments? Retail? Other?) *
The average cost to rehab an OTR ADOPT building is $80-$150 per square foot. Based on these figures, rehab of a typical 3-story structure would cost between $240,000 and $450,000. Is this level of investment consistent with your expectations?
Please describe your anticipated sources of funding to complete a rehabilitation, focusing specifically on the following:
What amount of cash are you able to bring to the project up front? *
Are you willing to take out a construction loan, if necessary?
What amount of physical construction work, if any, do you expect to perform yourself?
Please describe any real estate development experience you or your team have.
Please provide us with any additional information on your qualifications:
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