Brave Tailor Maid Auditions!
Please read. If you have questions you can email and Happy Auditioning!

HVTI's Community Summer Musical, Mud Brud Mayhem's BRAVE TAILOR MAID, is seeking singers, musicians, and dancers to audition on Tuesday June 18th from 6pm-9pm at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon NY (477 Main St). Some roles may be called back for a second round of auditions on Wednesday June 19th. Performers will not be required to pay for their participation in this production.

Please prepare an audition song no longer than 1 minute in length. You may bring sheet music in the correct key (accompanist will be provided), a karaoke track to play (1/4" auxiliary cable compatible--AKA your phone), or you may sing a cappella or with other self created accompaniment (guitar, fiddle, chimes, percussion, etc.) The show incorporates rock, jazz, bluegrass, country, pop and folk. So pretty much any song will fit!

Headshot and Resume is appreciated but not required.

A liability and photo release form will be required of all participants. Questions may be emailed to

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Synopsis and Characters
SYNOPSIS: While Jayny is making a jam sandwich for her boss, Eban the Tailor, she is surrounded by pesky flies and with one swoop kills all seven! Boasting her success she declares her achievement to the town who unknowingly assumes she is referring to an impending militia outside the city wall. Based on the Brother's Grimm Fairy Tale, The Brave Little Tailor, Jayny finds herself caught in a web of misunderstandings but in the end discovers she is braver and more capable than she ever knew.

TierA Jayny Female. The tailor's maid and hero of her own story.
TierA Skunk An outsider who joins that band
TierA Candlin Jayny's friend
TierB Wynn Jayny’s only family
TierB Eban Male. The tailor
TierB Jordith The Queen or King of the Kingdom
TierC Brigg A Unicorn
TierC Fister A troublemaker
TierC Chris The OgreTroll
TierD Ensemble Villagers, Musicians, The Giant, Etc.

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