Wanted -- Editors and Reviewers
The editorial board of Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education—an international print and online publication housed at Arkansas State University, United States—is seeking colleagues to work together in the journal editorial team as well as its forthcoming book projects.

Please fill out this application form. By policy, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education does not share your information with any other person or business entity, with no exceptions.

Copy Editors/Consulting Editors:

We are seeking copy editors to assist promising authors and non-native English speakers in polishing their submissions. Copy editors ensure that accepted manuscripts for publication are clear and consistent, complete and credible, and that text is well written, grammatically correct and accessible. Copy editors may be required to correct spelling, grammar and layout (proofreading) or check content, impose consist styles and reword or rewrite (copy-editing). Copy editors are expected to make sure that the APA publication manual (6th edition) is strictly followed.

Peer Reviewers:

We are seeking individuals from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to review articles in their interest area for quality of content. Guidelines will be provided and new reviewers are welcome to apply. Also read Reviewer Guidelines https://jistudents.org/how-to-review/

Guest Editors:

We are also seeking guest editors who are interested in expanding special research interest groups. Please submit your proposal (2 pages max) to Dr. Krishna Bista at contact@jistudents.org

Editorial Assistants:
We are seeking editorial assistants, particularly doctoral students, who are willing to contribute five hours per months, to assist editors in database entries and other managerial activities in the journal. Please let us know if you

Layout/Design Editors/Cover Page Designers:
We are seeking two layout/design editors/Cover Page Designers who prepare final layout of the journal using publication template, communicate with authors with proofs, and assist editors in the publication process. Or prepare cover pages for print publications.

Co-editor for books— We are seeking colleagues to join our edited book projects. Co-editors will review and provide input on book and series concepts; Creates manuscripts for book projects; Evaluates manuscripts from both in-house and reviewers; Edits/rewrites manuscripts as appropriate, organizing facts and other material into the most compelling form; Proofreads copy at various stages of development to ensure quality

More about the journal: http://isejournal.org

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