Asheville Nativity Exhibit - Loaning Nativity Set(s)
Event Timing: December 11-18, 2019
Event Address: 5 Oak Street, Asheville
Contact us:
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Nativity sets can be dropped off at First Baptist Church of Asheville on Monday, December 9 from noon - 6 pm. Nativity sets can be picked up on Thursday, December 19 from noon - 6 pm.
Phone Number
If your Nativity set was previously displayed at the Asheville Nativity Exhibit and you know the number that we assigned to your set, please enter that and skip all other questions (we would have all of that info about your set already).
What country is your Nativity set from?
What material is you Nativity made of? (wood, ceramic, clay, resin, etc)
How tall is your Nativity set/pieces?
Please provide a description of your Nativity set. (colors, number of pieces, is a stable included, etc)
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