The Lost Food Project Festive Food Drive
Thank you for your food donation! To help us allocate volunteers to assist with sorting and distributing your food to our charities, please indicate the date and time you will drop off your box of food. This form will only take a minute to complete.

If you have any queries, please email if you have any queries

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If you are a school or organisation giving in bulk, please confirm if you will deliver on Monday 7th Dec, between 9.30am-12pm
Individual contributions - which date will you deliver? We accept donations on Mondays or Wednesdays from 10-11am and no later than Wednesday 19 December.
If you would like you negotiate a different delivery time, please email us at
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The next few months are some of the hardest faced by those in need in Malaysia. During the wet season, the price of food increases which makes it hard for families to make ends meet.
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