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Family Survey 2019-2020
Dear Families,

We have not done an updated family survey in several years and wanted to provide an opportunity for our families to share helpful information, increase involvement, and make suggestions. Please complete this short survey to help us make Studley even better!

The School Council will use the information from this survey to develop a database of people, skills, and ideas to support our school community and continue its ongoing growth.

We appreciate you taking the time to provide the information below.

Thank you,

The Studley School Council
Do you have suggestions for activities, events, fundraisers and/or projects?
Your answer
Do you have any skills, interests or resources you would be willing to contribute to the school community (eg. skills associated with your profession, trade, or business. Other resources, interests, etc.)
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How could we make our events more accessible for all of our families? (cost, sensory sensitivities, space, location, time, etc)
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Do you have any suggestions for how you and/or other parents might contribute to further strengthening the school community?
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Are you currently involved with the school? (PTO, volunteer, event participant, etc.)
If yes, how did you learn about opportunities to become involved?
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If no, is there something that we can do to support your involvement? (ex. I am not sure what I can do to help? Childcare? Who could/should I contact? Language? Transportation? Etc.)
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In what way do you prefer communication from your classroom teacher? Check all that apply.
Is there anything else you would like to share? Positive comments are welcomed!
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