The Jerky Turkey Hunt 7-Designer Application
Evil Bunny Productions Hunt November 3rd-30th

This is a fall/thanksgiving themed hunt. The hunt prim is an orange feather.

If you apply, please make sure you can fulfill the requirements for the hunt. I will be out of town OCT. 16-31st. Apps close October 15th and all hunt items sent out that day. You will be required to provide a hint on the application or use a hint giver as I will not have the chance to collect hints from you while being out of town.

You are required to rez a poster at your store, rez the hunt prim and fill it with your boxed gift before the hunt starts. We will not track you down-you will be sent 1 notecard on Nov. 1st asking for corrections and given 48 hours to fix things before hunt removal. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. You will receive initial posters through a mailing system and then added to the EVIL BUNNY PRODUCTIONS group for communication, blogger box mailing etc.

If you are active during an event, you'll keep your tag in the group and receive notices-if you are not participating, you'll be put into the everyone group with no access to notices.

HINTS THIS ROUND ARE DIFFERENT-i will be out of town on vacation OCT 16-31. Hints MUST be provided on the application-if you don't know what you want for a hint, put HINT GIVER and use the hint giver with your poster-that way you can choose it when you want to.

Oct. 15th-deadline for applications
Oct. 15th-final vendor box will be out no later than this day ( we will send out posters on acceptance so you can start making your gift)
Nov. 1- all prims must be rezzed at your hiding spot
Nov. 2- prim must be filled with your gift or we will NC you to let you know it's empty
*** I really don't have time to track you down this hunt as I will be traveling-if you need something get with Serenity Quar-I will return online Nov. 1st.

Are to be provided on this application. If you can't come up with one you can say HINT GIVER. This hunt is different than the rest as I will be traveling Oct 16-31st and not available to take your hints. You need to either provide one on the application or put HINT GIVER and use the hint giver provided or your store hint giver and you can decide what you want to use for a hint on your own time.

Store #1 will be Grumble and sponsors will have spots 2-16. Sponsor cost is $300L. Sponsors will be listed on promotional material, at the starting point, blog, and website. Sponsors will be listed on blog with social media info provided by store owner. Sponsors are on front page of blog in slide show. Sponsors listed on about hunt info NC included at starting point and in other locations around the sim. Please note on application if you are interested in being a sponsor.

You won't need them-the feather will rename themselves random names from items around them so they can not be area searched.

We will have a flickr group that you can upload your gift image to-
I will not be here to put your pictures online-please do it yourself.

We will include a hint giver and hunt path-both of these items are not required, just included if you would like to use them.

Contact Allie Munro with any questions pertaining to the hunt, application etc. ***OUT OF TOWN OCT 16-31 Serenity Quar will be assisting with issues.

Sponsor fees are non-refundable in case you can not participate at the last minute. If you are removed from a hunt, you will not be invited back to the next unless you contact us and at least let us know the issue. We understand RL happens, just let us know please.

Your Store Name *
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Your SL Name (NOT display) *
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SL URL to your store (please no mall landing points and NO marketplace stores-in-world only *
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Do you want to be a hunt sponsor? *
#1-16 in the hunt/advertised on blog & starting point/$300L fee
2ND in-world contact or RL email address to contact you with issues/questions *
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Your Hunt Hint *
MUST BE PROVIDED on this form due to Allie being on vacation OCT 16-31ST. If you don't know, put HINT GIVER. A hint giver will be provided in the designer welcome packet. You are also free to use your store's hint giver/system-however you prefer. There will NOT BE A HINT NC provided in your welcome pack. Please do not send me a NC with your hint-I don't have time to get it on the blog while being gone. I will use the spreadsheet from applications to do the hint list.
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I have read the rules for the hunt and agree to abide by the timeline. *
Rules are listed above-make sure you write down your hint and save it for later.
I understand Allie will not be in town OCT 16-31 and that I do have to provide a hint on this form- apps close Oct 15th- vendor box will be sent out on Oct 15th- i will load my own photo to flickr and i WILL BE READY ON TIME since Allie will not be here to answer questions. I can NC Allie for help on/after Nov. 1st or contact Serenity Quar. *
I want to make sure you know I will not be available for 15 days-make sure you get yourself ready for the hunt.
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