2019 VEX Basic RoboCamp
Dates: July 22nd through July 26th
Times: 9 am to 12 pm, Monday through Friday
Location: NUA Kearny Campus, 3678 Aero Court (Room 138), San Diego, CA 92123
Cost: Free with Early Registration (Limited to 25 students)
Ages: 13-18 years old

RoboCamp 2019 is a weeklong adventure in educational robotics. RoboCamp begins with examining a competition game and understanding the basis for great robotics, it includes a history of robotics for both competition and industry. The week begins with an introduction to robotics and the robot competition. Students will then form teams and begin to plan the robust strategy for the week and learn the basics of project management and the engineering process. Students will then learn to design robots using technical drawings and 3D software. Students will build the robots based on their designs and strategies while applying mechanical and electrical principles. Students will learn programming in order to bring the robots to life and prepare them for the competition field. Finally, students will have a chance to compete with one another in the competition arena. Come join this educational adventure!
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