MWBA Athlete Expression of Interest

This form will be used to collect information on athletes who are interested in playing in the MWBA beginning in the Spring of 2022 (

Although we are using this form to gauge interest, please note that we are working through details regarding rosters (ie: number of athletes per roster, combinations of USport/CCAA/Pros/etc., open tryouts vs. franchise selection vs. combination of the two).
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If you are comfortable, and this applies to you, please share how you identify.
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Position *
Height *
Will you have completed at least 1 year of university/college OR will you be one full year out of high school and 18+ by spring 2022 (we understand not all basketball players pursue university or college options)? *
Currently or previously played, USport, CCAA or Professional Basketball *
How many years have you played at the levels indicated above? *
What USport, CCAA, or Professional teams have you played for? *
Please select ALL franchises you would be willing to play for. *
Please indicate if you would be a full time (ie: play in all games and practices), part time (ie: can only play in "home games" and practices, or willing to fill either. *
Please provide any important basketball achievements (ie: MVP of AUS, AUS Champ, CCAA medals, USport medalist, MVP of team, etc.) *
What interests you about playing in the MWBA? *
Are you comfortable with your name being used on the MWBA, franchise, and Executive social platforms to celebrate the talented women who are expressing interest in playing? *
I accept and understand that if I am a current NCAA athlete that I AM NOT eligible based on NCAA regulations. *
I accept and understand not all athletes who have expressed interest will be selected to play for a franchise. *
I accept and understand all discussions regarding franchise roster selection are to be discussed with the franchise. *
I accept and understand this is an Amateur League, with a goal of providing a highly competitive environment for women's basketball. *
I accept and understand NO athlete will be paid in the Maritime Women's Basketball Association. *
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