2021 Confirmation Step 1
Each candidate for Confirmation should, at this time, request to enter into the final preparation stages to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
Step 1 includes completing this online form and then signing up (and attending) one of our two Confirmation Retreats. For more information about the retreats, please visit our website at:
Request to receive the sacrament of Confirmation
By giving your name below, you are requesting to begin the final preparations to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
Last Name *
First Name (formal, NOT a nickname) *
Informal First Name (maybe a nickname, what you are usually called)
Family Email Address *
Student Email Address (optional)
Note on candidate email - minors will always have parents copied on messages sent to them. Since some families prefer to have their teens included in communication about their activities, we offer the teen email as an option.
For the next few questions, please answer honestly. Your responses will give us things to talk about as you complete your journey to receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.
Why do you want to receive the sacrament of Confirmation? (sometimes phrased "be confirmed") *
Please answer one of the two questions: 1. What type of Christian man or woman do you envision being in the future? OR 2. What steps do you need to take to get closer to God? *
Questions that I have about the Catholic faith are... (responses will be kept confidential)
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