Volunteer Registration For Pretty Heroes & Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration 2019 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Would you like to volunteer to help out at the 2019 Pretty Heroes & Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration Convention at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre? Please note that volunteers must be available for a minimum 4 hour shift on event dates (July 20-21). Optional shifts will also be available for Friday, July 19th.

Volunteers who complete a minimum 9 hours of help for the Pretty Heroes & Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration Convention at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre will receive free weekend admission to the event.

Volunteers who contribute extra time will be eligible for more perks (to be determined).

You can receive a reference letter after the event on request.

We also sign high school community service papers -- please confirm that your school will accept volunteer work at this event as part of your community service hours.

Please note that all volunteers are required to either pre-register or pay a cash deposit on sign-in. Your money will be returned if your scheduled time is completed appropriately. If you wish to only volunteer for a single day, 5 hours is required for a free Saturday and 4 hours is required for a free Sunday.

Walkthrough and orientation will be required in advance of the event! You will be notified by our vice chair and volunteer coordinator, Jessica Andrews, of the options for available walkthrough and orientation times.
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