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ECDS welcomes proposals on a rolling basis for digital projects involving research, publishing, and/or pedagogy. We review submissions on a rolling basis. We encourage potential project proposers to first study our guidelines for proposing a project [link] and our project process [link] and to then make an appointment for an exploratory conversation with an ECDS staff member before submitting a proposal. Contact us at to set up a consultation.

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Up to 100 words. Briefly outline the project you are proposing in language appropriate for a non-specialist audience.
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Up to 500 words. Describe the outlines of your proposed project, including what materials, content, or data your project will involve, and what research, teaching, or publishing the project will include. Please address any potential rights issues.
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Up to 250 words. Address the project’s impact on relevant fields, its originality, and its alignment with ECDS’s mission, priorities, and capabilities.
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Up to 250 words. Indicate what form(s) the project will take and what deliverables will result from the project’s completion, including whether it will make use of ECDS platforms. Detail the project’s intended audience, strategy for dissemination, and how its success will be assessed.
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Up to 250 words. Discuss your plans for the project’s sustainability and preservation, and, if applicable, its scalability.
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List the ECDS staff members, library resources, and other team members who will be part of this project’s development along with their roles.
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Provide a detailed anticipated timeline for the project’s completion.
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Outline the project’s proposed budget, including any non-ECDS funding sources.
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