ThirdSpace Sessions #13: Voce - RSVP to reserve your seats!
ThirdSpace Sessions presents
“Voce” - A special all-female night

Come feel the impact of the power of 3 female avant-garde vocalists: Suhaili Safari (SG), Namie Rasman (SG), and Kok Siew Wai from Kuala Lumpur (MY)

We also have a special guest Ariana van Gelder, sound, installation, performance artist, coming all the way from New York, USA.


Date: 28 March 2020, Saturday
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: ThirdSpace, 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B, #05-02, Singapore 439053

$18 (Public)
$8 (Students/NSF/Unemployed)
*Payment: Cash/Paylah/PayNow at the door.

Watch the previous ThirdSpace Sessions #12: Electric-Eclectic Evening here:
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Bio of Performers
Suhaili Safari Bio
Suhaili Safari has worked professionally as a theatre practitioner since 2003.

Although largely a stage actor, Suhaili has dabbled in writing and/or directing in productions such as 'The Kingdom Under My Bed' (2010), a children’s play under Teater Ekamatra and 'Move, As We Move' (2017) under Kaizen MD. She actively involves herself in community partnership, and does this through outreach endeavours with 'Sweet Tooth' by Cake Theatrical Productions and Drama Box for 'Both Sides, Now'. Her recent work includes 'The Clockwork Orange' ' (2019, Teater Ekamatra), 'Tanah°Air' (2019, Dramabox) and 'Inside Voices' (2019, Lazy Native) which won Best Outstanding Work at the annual Vaults Festival in London.

Suhaili is creating solo work beginning with 'The Cleanse', developing it specifically as part of The Substation's 'State of Love and Trust and Stars' programme this year. She was also a vocalist from the band, The Psalms.


Namie Rasman Bio
This human has cat-like instincts and is constantly intrigued by sounds around her. Ideally, Namie would like to be a cat but obviously it isn't the task that the universe has assigned to her. Aside from taking care of cats, she loves listening to and writing music. Her daily routine also includes using her voice to sing, teach and have conversations with others.

Drawing inspiration from nature, relationships and various affairs of the world, she colours her compositions in a delicate and cathartic manner. In 2018, she released a 4-track EP titled Notes and performs in a band called Namie & The Waves alongside 4 other musicians. She also began exploring solo works as NAMIE and released a single called Queenfisher as part of The Great Singapore Replay Season 2 in January 2020. Aside from these, she is also part of an electronic outfit Canvas Conversations and the animated Jazz septet The Jazz Djogets.

On another note, an eye-opening collaboration with George E. Lewis—under the Nu Ensemble assembled by Dr. Timothy O’Dwyer at Singjazz Club in 2016—sparked her interest in Extended Vocal Techniques (EVT). During her final year in LASALLE College of the Arts, she explored EVT for her practice based research dissertation and wrote about vocal mimicry of environmental sounds in Singapore. Armed with curiosity, creativity and her quirky charm, Namie strives to incorporate all her artistic interests into her works; free improvisation, use of EVT, Jazz, Electronica and other interests.


Kok Siew-Wai Bio
Kok Siew-Wai started out as a video artist, now active as a vocal improviser and artist-curator. She has shown her works and performed in Asia, Europe, Canada and USA, participating in music festivals such as CTM Festival (Germany), allEars Improvised Music Festival (Norway), Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), Singapore Night Festival, Choppa Experimental and Improvised Music Festival (Singapore), Nusasonic (Indonesia), amongst others. In music, she's interested in improvisation and the exploration of the human voice.


Ariana van Gelder Bio
Ariana van Gelder is a New York City sound, installation, and performance artist specializing in viscerally immersive, deeply penetrative, sonic experiences. Conceptually, her creations explore the tenuous intimacy between artist, audience, and medium by creating, defining, and formulating space for the body through sound. In its most recent incarnation, van Gelder’s live sonic practice reaches through the ether as if extending itself to envelop the listener in an embrace from within. Revolving around ever-building vocal loops, her voice glides and glistens through ten octaves that dive into rich, rumbling waves of bass and near-silent sub-bass.
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