EDS Wisconsin Youth Volunteer Application
We appreciate your interest in volunteering to support the Mission of EDS Wisconsin, Inc. We are very interested in getting to know you so that we can help you to achieve your goals. All youth will need to have the permission of their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to volunteer. Please have an adult help you with this application if needed.

Items marked with a red asterick like this * are required questions.
Full Legal Name *
First and last name
What do people call you?
For example, a person named Richard may prefer to be called Rich.
Street Address
City *
Zip Code *
What is the best way to reach you? *
Please list your parent or guardians name and phone number *
We will need to contact your parent or guardian to make sure you have permission to participate.
Please list YOUR contact information, such as phone number or email address
This question is not a requirement for youth under 18 years old. However, it is extremely helpful for us to contact you if we know how. Please make sure your parent is ok with you giving our your contact information.
Do you know what you’re interested in doing as a volunteer? If so, what is it?
This question is not required. It is ok if you do not know.
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