Project Matriarchs: Parent Interest Form
Hi there!
Thank you for your interest in Project Matriarchs and our virtual support. We know that many of you are in extremely overwhelming situations during this pandemic and we look forward to supporting you as best we can in a virtual format.
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How did you learn about Project Matriarchs?
With what ethnicities do you identify (check all that apply)? This information will help us understand the demographic breakdown of the families we’re working with, and help us identify if we’re reaching our goals of equity and inclusion.
What time zone are you in?
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How many children would you like this service for?
If you want this service for multiple children, would you like them each to be matched with someone separately or just have your family matched with one college student?
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How old is/are your child(ren)?
Approximately how many hours per week (per child, if applicable) would you like support?
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What times throughout the week would you like support? Check all that apply.
What, mainly, would you like the college student to work on with your child(ren)/how would you like them to spend their time together? Please check all that apply.
Are there any subjects in particular you would like the college student(s) to focus on with your child(ren)?
Do you have any gender preference for the college student your child will be matched with?
Please elaborate on the preferences indicated above if you have any requests/needs in terms of gender.
How much (per hour, per child) do you feel able to pay? We will be paying college students $15 an hour so anything above that will be used to provide our service for free or at a lower price for those that need it.
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Has your employer done anything to support you/other employees as a working parent during the pandemic? *
If you answered yes to the above question, please briefly describe what your employer has done to support working  parents during the pandemic and how satisfied you've been with this.
What could your employer be doing to better support working parents, particularly mothers, during the pandemic?
Are you willing to fill out regular brief surveys (~2 mins) that will help us gauge your satisfaction, assess effectiveness, and improve our service? (We can't overstate how helpful this would be for us!)
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Check out our first advocacy initiative, Pledge to Care:) Sign it and share it!
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