Global Village Square: Dec.22-23, 2017
This is a special gathering of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals that goes beyond fear and bias, to build a community of people who believe that a different and more sustainable future is possible.
We will gather to connect, share, dream and create new possibilities together.
These meetings have been taking place since 2005, led by a professional and experienced team, allowing participants to open up to themselves, to others, and to the complexity of life in our region.
People who participated in previous meetings said:
- “I did not expect much when I came, but was a life changing experience for me.”
- "It is a great opportunity to meet the other side and see that they are not as horrible as we thought and actually they are as human as us"
- “the most important thing I got is to see beyond stigmas. To see people, to see eyes & to see thoughts”
- “When I came, I did not tell my family where I went. When I return, I will tell them these where two of the most beautiful days of my life”
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