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At Robokids, adults, teens & kids alike find inspiration to develop skills and confidence. They enjoy learning to:
Find out insights to get admission in some of the top national and international universities
Discover techniques to perform well in SAT and other standardized tests
Do school maths confidently, correctly and quickly
Solve thinking & design challenges
Learn programming languages
Create digital games & apps
Make smart devices

'SAT PLUS™', 'Code Samaritans™', 'Gameustaz™', 'App Studio™', 'Gadgets Wizards™', 'Galactic Forces™', 'ECE Design Challenge™', 'C-Saw-Conquered™', 'Tech-o-Rama™', 'WonderBots™', 'Inventors in the Making™', 'I am a Robomaker™', 'SmartWorld™', 'Game 10101™', 'Fearless Mathsperts™', 'Mathspert Kids™', 'WonderBots - The Prequel™', 'Snakes & Lies™', 'Adventures in Maths™', 'I-PIE™', 'Space Adventure HQ™', 'Battle Cry: Machine Invasion Begins™', 'Electrocraft™'and other products designed by Robokids include curriculum developed by Robokids engineers and educational resources published by Intel, Harvard, NASA & others. LEGO ® and Microsoft Kodu ® Game Lab are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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