Carolina Century Rest Stop Equipment Wish List - All May Vote
The Carolina Century 102/82/72/64/51/31/21-Mile Ride and Roll for Multiple Sclerosis would like to know which of the following items you would find good, very good or amazing to have at our event and at similar bike and skate events. If you don't care, don't know, or don't like particular items, please just skip them. Thanks!
Rest Stop Equipment and Supplies
1 Essential
2 Nice
3 Awesome
non-food documents maps
non-food documents turnsheets
non-food equipment adjustable crescent wrench
non-food equipment bearings 608 skate bearings (2)
non-food equipment bicycle multitool
non-food equipment bicycle pump
non-food equipment bicycle tire levers
non-food equipment blinkie light to borrow
non-food equipment combination wrenches 8/9/10mm
non-food equipment hex/allen 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm
non-food equipment hex/allen 4mm skate wrenches (2)
non-food equipment needle nose pliers
non-food equipment push broom
non-food equipment scissors
non-food equipment screwdriver flat/phillips four-way
non-food equipment skate boot bolt assortment
non-food equipment spoke wrench eg park SW-0/SW-1/SW-2
non-food equipment torx wrench T10/T25/T30
non-food equipment vise grip pliers
non-food equipment water filter pitcher
non-food equipment working cell phone
non-food meds acetaminophen
non-food meds aspirin
non-food meds first aid kit
non-food meds hand sanitizer
non-food meds ibuprofen
non-food meds icy hot
non-food meds mouthwash
non-food meds naproxen sodium
non-food supplies aa batteries
non-food supplies aaa batteries
non-food supplies bathroom tissue
non-food supplies bicycle master chain link sram
non-food supplies bicycle patch kit
non-food supplies bicycle tire boot/dollar bill
non-food supplies bicycle tire tube 700x23c
non-food supplies duct tape
non-food supplies facial tissue
non-food supplies paper towels
non-food supplies pop-up face wipes
non-food supplies route erasing paint flat black
non-food supplies route marking logo stencil
non-food supplies route marking paint white
non-food supplies sunscreen
non-food supplies teflon wax lube
non-food supplies tri-lube
non-food supplies wd-40
non-food supplies zip ties
non-food supplies zipper bags gallon size
non-food supplies zipper bags quart size
non-food supplies zipper bags snack size
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