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2023/24 Mentee Application Form

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What kind of person is your ideal mentor and what do you expect from your mentor?

Please list all of the qualities and characteristics your ideal mentor would possess to help you reach your goals. What kind of personal and professional experience would they have? Think also in terms of background, age, and cultural similarities and differences. Please evaluate and prioritise your preferences. Please also note any preferences you may have regarding your mentor, including but not limited to: geographic location, industry or sector leadership, profession, or areas of expertise.


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T’s and C’s

I understand that this is intended to be a career mentoring programme.

I have read and understand the standards below and agree to abide by them.

I understand that the success of my application to the WIBB mentoring programme will depend upon a clear and complete form, references, suitability, and an available mentor match. It is a competitive selection and you will be notified of the outcome by May 2023.

I agree to complete review surveys during the programme.

I agree to not hold Women in Boatbuilding CIC Directors, volunteers or programme mentors, liable for any loss or negligence as a result of applying for or taking part in this programme. 

I acknowledge that I am responsible for any loss or damages based on taking advice or indirect advice from my mentor.


Women In Boatbuilding is a Community Interest Company (CIC) supporting a thriving community of women working in boatbuilding and related trades.

WIBB aims to help build a diverse industry, leading with gender. Some of the projects WIBB focuses on are to showcase women working in the industry on the WIBB Instagram profile and in the wider media; to support companies and colleges, such as the Boat Building Academy and Practical Boat Owner, to re-balance their gender diversity; to provide networking points and to organise women-only practical workshops.

Since its inception on Instagram the WIBB team has mentored women in the industry informally. WIBB is now launching the first formal Mentoring programme – to support women at the start of their careers, facilitated by a grant from The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights.

Below are the WIBB Standards that we expect all Mentoring Programme participants to abide by. Please review, and sign below if you agree to conduct yourself during and after the programme by the following standards:

Integrity. All members of the Mentoring programme are expected to conduct themselves with integrity within the programme, in communication with your scheme-partner, the WIBB team and community.

Accountability. The Women in Boatbuilding Mentoring Programme is a selective programme whose participants benefit from a network of volunteers. You will perform all duties and meet expectations as per Programme Outline.

Inclusivity and Objectivity. When interacting with your Mentor, Mentee, fellow Mentors or Mentees, WIBB team and the public, you are expected to be inclusive and objective in your approach. You will be mindful of your own biases and consider the cultural differences of others with objectivity. You will be open-minded and non-judgemental towards the opinions and experiences of your Mentor, Mentee and peers.

Confidentiality. Conversations between Mentors/Mentees and within mentoring groups are considered to be confidential. No personal or private information may be shared with outside parties. You will treat each interaction with confidentiality and will ask for consent in reporting any safeguarding situation.

Professionalism. Women in Boatbuilding is a collection of professionals who work together to advance women in the boatbuilding industry. It is expected that you will maintain professionalism at all times, in your attitude and behaviour, and be a positive role model for women in the industry.

I agree to the above WIBB Standards and pledge to conduct myself in alignment with Women in Boatbuilding values during my time with the Programme. 

I agree to these terms, conditions and standards.

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Any questions about this form and your application email mentors@womeninboatbuilding.com

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