re:Clojure 2020 Call For Speakers
Key Dates

- Sept 20th call for speakers opens
- Oct 20th call for speakers closes
- Nov 1st speakers announced
- Dec 4th conference starts

Please check regularly for other up to date info.

*Session Formats*

Talks are 20 minutes (plus 5 minutes for questions). This short format is very effective in conveying the message of your talk, but you might not be able to give all the details. Please provide plenty of links for people to follow up after your talk.

We are thinking about a late morning start GMT time. There will be an opening and closing keynotes and around 6-8 sessions, possibly extending to a second day based on the number of submissions. We are also evaluating the option of lightning talks.

The talk can be pre-recorded or not. With pre-recording, you have the opportunity to perform the talk in the best possible way but with a live talk you can interact with the audience in real-time. One style or the other is a matter of personal taste and experience, but we encourage you to consider a live talk to give our audience a stronger sense of engagement. We will do our best to encourage participation with both styles.

*Submission Guidelines*

The main audience for re:Clojure is of course people with an interest in Clojure and ClojureScript, but we are also looking for broader topics such as functional or logic programming, historical perspectives, new and interesting languages and paradigms. We expect to have a wide range of experience levels from newbie to expert and content is appreciated for the entire range. Please feel comfortable to submit both introductory or deep technical talks.

*Some example areas for submissions*

- Core Clojure or functional programming - language features, techniques, idioms, design, concurrency, tooling, etc.
- Experience report - how Clojure is helping to solve interesting real-world problems.
- Clojure on the edge - new and crazy ideas, related paradigms, etc.

It is perfectly fine to submit multiple talks or talks in more than one area. If you are submitting more than two or three talks, please contact so we can narrow down the choices together. Please provide sufficient detail in your submission to enable the reviewers to understand your proposal and clearly identify what an attendee will gain from attending your session.

*Review Process*

The program committee will review all submissions in 2 phases. We'll first do a blind review, followed by a second review where we are going to look at all the available details, paying particular attention at diversity and underrepresented categories. Throughout the review period, submitters may be contacted to clarify details on their submission. All submitters will be notified via email of the status of their submission.
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