Business Prep Worksheet
Here's a quick set of questions to help us prepare for our initial conversations about how to expand and improve what your business says and does online.

Please share as much detail and be as frank and open as possible.

Celek Media Consulting will respect the confidential nature of your business information, and we ask that you trust us so that we can understand your plans and needs to help you achieve your goals.

Our goal: help your business connect with customers as a result of how your business uses your website and/or social media. Let's get started.
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Your Business Name *
Your Name *
Your Title/Role *
Your Phone *
Your Email *
Describe your business, products or services. What problem are you going to help a customer solve today? *
Wat makes your business, products or services unique and valuable? *
Who are your competitors *
What do your competitors do in person or online that gives them an advantage over your business? *
Who are your current customers? Where are they located? *
Describe generally by location, by gender, by age, by income levels and other characteristics that you use to identify them.
What do you do now to attract customers? Communicate with them? Build relationships with them? *
Describe your current marketing efforts. What works best for your business?
Who are potential new customers? Where are they located? *
Describe the opportunity for business growth?
How do you expect to attract these new customers? Communicate with them? Build relationships with them? *
What websites and social media sites do your customers and potential customers use? What do they do on these sites? *
Describe your customer target/s or sales goals for next month, quarter, year. *
Describe your plan to reach your customer target/s or sales goal/s? *
What are your marketing and sales plans so that we can discuss ways that your website and social media use can support and sync with what you're doing in other areas.
What results do you expect from your website or social media? *
How skilled is the person on your staff who manages your online presence?
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What new skills, tools do they need?
What training or other resources like computers or online services will help your business improve its online performance?
How much time do you spend now on networking, business development? What methods are successful? *
How much additional time are you willing to spend on networking, business development? Or, how much time are you willing to shift from current efforts to website or social media approaches? *
What events, special products or services are scheduled or will be introduced during the next month, quarter or year? *
How should we sync your website or social media use with your other advertising and marketing to support these upcoming events? *
What company marketing guidelines or other legal requirements apply to online communications, websites or social media usage for your business? *
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