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Thank you very much for sharing our vision at Pianos for People.

If your piano is a spinet, console, studio or grand; if it is located on a first floor; if it does not have a player-piano mechanism installed, if it is within metro St. Louis, we look forward to learning more about it! These pianos can make a difference in the life of a family or institution, within our operating budget.

We regret that we cannot afford to accept very old, heavy upright pianos that are more than 49 inches tall or pianos that have been stored in a garage or non-climate controlled space. Of course, you might be wondering why we cannot accept such tall uprights, when we can accept grand pianos. The fact is that grand pianos often have value that is worth our incurring the extra cost to move them, while the tallest uprights are hardly even repairable today.

Please answer the questions below, and send us three photos of your piano showing a full front view with the keys exposed, a side view, and a picture of the inside of the piano showing what’s called “the action”. Please email them to:

Thank you again. The mission of Pianos for People, as well as the families and institutions we serve, depend on the generosity of people like you. We will never take that for granted.
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Is there a matching bench?
Please estimate the last time it was tuned or serviced.
This helps us understand the outside of your piano. Next, we have a technician see the inside.
Please stay tuned. We will get back to you soon about next steps. If for any reason you need to contact us in the meantime, feel free to email Development Coordinator, Hannah Herum at By the way, may we ask you how your heard about Pianos for People?
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