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Donate a Piano
Thank you for sharing our vision at Pianos for People. Pianos for People and the families and institutions we serve depend on the generosity of people like you.

Please fill out the form below, and if you are able, send us three photos of the piano you would like to donate: (1) the front of the piano with the keys exposed; (2) a side view and; (3) a picture of the inside of the piano showing the action of the piano (the "action" is the contraption that holds the hammers that hit the strings).

Please email the photos to the Donations and Deliveries Coordinator, Danny Ravensberg at
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If you are representing an institution that is donating the piano please write the name of that institution here:
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Is the piano on the 1st floor of it's location? *
If the piano is not on the first floor, is there an elevator available to move the piano?
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Are there any stairs between the door of the building and the street? If there are stairs, how many steps are there? *
Is the piano being stored in a garage or a non-climate controlled space? *
Does your piano have a player-piano mechanism? *
What type of piano is it? *Size is important! It's recommended to measure the height (vertical piano) or length (grand piano) before answering this question. *
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How many years has this piano been in your possession? *
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How did you learn about Pianos for People?
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