FLIC Votes Candidate Questionnaire
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1. What will be your main priorities during your first year in office, and what would be the biggest challenges you see in advancing these priorities? *
2. What is your vision for growing Florida's economy and the income of its residents? *
3. What is your long-term vision for the state budget? How would you approach funding for immigrant services and other state programming? *
4. Do you have an agenda regarding racial equity in Florida? If so, what specific policies, infrastructure, and funding do you intend to put in place within this agenda? Do you have any plans to address the challenges faced by many people of color and immigrants in our state? *
5. What role if any do you see your office playing in the 2020 census? Do you think that some of the state's population might feel hesitant to respond, and why? If so, what specific steps if any would your office take to address this issue? *
6. What concerns if any do you have with the Florida criminal justice system as it involves immigrants and people of color? What specific steps if any would you take to address these concerns? *
7. Do you support the restoration of voting rights to returning citizens, or people with prior felony convictions? *
8. How would you define a “living wage” for Floridians, and would you support or oppose legislation to require that Florida workers receive a “living wage”? *
9. Do you support drivers licenses for all Floridians, including undocumented immigrants? *
10. What is your position on welcoming or sanctuary policies for immigrants? Are there any other policies that relate to immigrants that you would advocate for? *
11. How would you ensure that all crime victims in Florida, including immigrants, feel safe cooperating with law enforcement in reporting crimes? *
12. Should undocumented immigrants who have established residency in Florida be allowed to receive in-state tuition? *
13. What, if any, changes would you make to how Florida reviews requests by companies for guest worker visas? *
14. Do you support statewide e-verify? Would you continue to require e-verify for state agencies and contractors? *
15. What is your position regarding women’s access to abortion and contraception? *
16. What is your position regarding the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals in Florida? *
17. What role if any do you envision your office having in protecting farm workers from environmental hazards, such as salt water intrusion, heat waves, or the dangers of unregulated use of pesticides and chemicals? *
18. Florida has received national attention for its use of for-profit prisons and the influence that companies like GEO Group or Core Civic have on elected officials. How would you address this issue, and do you support the use of for-profit prisons? *
19. What is your position on local law enforcement cooperating with federal immigration agencies like ICE? What role do you see your office having to address this issue? *
20. What is your position on municipalities protecting people against wage theft? What role do you see your office having in addressing preemption efforts against local government? *
21. What is your position on climate change? What role do you see your office playing in addressing this issue? *
22. Do you think that there should a pathway to citizenship for TPS and DACA recipients? *
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