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Hello! When a company needs to shoot a video, there is not always an understanding of what it should be. This is what this profile is for. Just answer the questions, and after reviewing your answers, I will be able to offer you ideas on what your future video might be. You can reply with text or, if you don't have enough time, write me audio messages on whatsapp, answering each question with a separate message.
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1. Tell us about your company and the product that will be in the video. Try to share all the information that may be useful for understanding the future project.
2. Attach links to social networks that tell about you or your product. Write your site. Any other resources where you can find information about you.
3. What are the goals for the video? What tasks should it solve?
4. Do you already have any idea how you want your video to look? Are there any samples?
5. If you have examples of other videos that can serve as a model for our video? It can be videos of companies doing the same activity as you or not at all related to you, but you liked the presentation format, idea or something else in this video.
6. Write any of your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, how you see your future video. Anything you haven't written about earlier?
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