APAC Call for papers 2018
DATES: February 1st, 2nd and 3rd
VENUE: Campus Ciutadella, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


The 21st century is proving to be an age of changes and uncertainties, a time to question who we are and what drives us. Everything and everyone's in flux, as our classrooms fill with multiple languages, identities and ways of doing. Next year's motto, "Rethinking Teaching: New Challenges, New Solutions", invites you to problematise traditional conceptions and approaches to language teaching and learning, and to share and co-construct new pathways to make our students 21st century citizens - and to turn ourselves into 21st century teachers!

The APAC ELT Convention is open to everyone in the world of ELT, whether you work with young learners, in a secondary school, in adult education or if you teach watercolour painting in English. Go ahead then and send your proposals or experiences, show off those great materials you designed or that fun activity you came up with, and above all join the community and keep the conversation going.

Deadline for proposals is November 12th.

Bear in mind that you can score points for future oposicions both by attending the convention and presenting at it. And, above all, you’ll be participating in a great community of teachers!

See you in February!

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