O.W.L.s 2020 student book recommendations
Dear students,

If you have stumbled upon a wonderful book that helps you prepare for your O.W.L. exam for the subject, please share the title with others who are looking for a suitable match for their subject of interest.

You can skip subjects that do not apply and recommend the books for those that you think you found a really good fit and a read others might also enjoy.

Hogwarts Library has an extensive array of titles, don't be shy. However, no access to Forbidden Section will be granted at O.W.L.s level so do not even ask! And so help me Merlin if I see chocolate at the library I am not above issuing a ban!

Many thanks,
Hogwarts Librarian

(Write down the book title and author that fits the O.W.L.s prompt for the subject to help fellow witches and wizards!)
✨Ancient Runes✨
✨Care of Magical Creatures✨
✨Defence Against the Dark Arts✨
✨History of Magic✨
✨Muggle Studies✨
✨Dragon Tamer book✨
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