2017-18 JPEF Grant Application
Our Mission: To enrich the education of Jenison students by providing funding and resources for enhanced programs and innovative learning.

Established in 1995, the Jenison Public Education Foundation is committed to providing support for programs that enhance educational excellence and strengthen learning experiences for students in the Jenison Public Schools. JPEF provides funding and extra resources for the students, teachers, and schools to ensure the academic success of our students. 

Since 1995 JPEF has funded more than 162 programs valued at over $200,000, for the students of Jenison.

JPEF believes it is important to assist as many teachers as possible. Therefore, we are accepting applications totaling up to $1,000.
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Thank you for taking the time to submit your grant! We look forward to reviewing your application, and learning more about your project to help enhance the education of the JPS students!
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Also, check out our website (http://www.jpef.org/) and consider donating to the foundation. 100% of our contributions stay in Jenison and are given back to support Jenison Public Schools. 

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