R Workshop for GB NERR/CREC Staff
Welcome! Please use this form to sign up for the R workshop on Feb 12-13, from 8a-5pm at the Grand Bay NERR.

Auriel Fournier and Kim Cressman will be your instructors

We will cover the following topics

Data Manipulation and Management in R
Graphing in R (using the ggplot package)
How to build custom functions and write for loops
How to use help files/understand R error messages

We'll send this in an email as well, but here are the software requirements

Before the workshop please install the newest version of R available for your operating system

Kim and I will be using RStudio to interact with R, we have found it to be very beginner friendly and we use it in our daily R workflows. Please install the newest version of RStudio for your operating system

Then open up RStudio, and copy the code from this website, into the console and run it

If you have questions about software/running that code, and you are at Grand Bay, please contact Kim (kimberly.cressman@dmr.ms.gov). If you are at CREC, please contact Auriel (aurielfournier@gmail.com)

If you have any questions email Margo Posten (margo.posten@dmr.ms.gov).

The Workshop is now FULL.
You can sign up and be put on the waitlist, and as spots open up you will be informed.
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We will be providing lunch both days, are there any dietary restrictions we should be aware of?
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