100 Hr Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training Registration Form
Dates: 8th - 22nd December 2019
Venue: The Vajra Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact us at atira@atiratan.com. www.atiratan.com

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Do you have any personal trauma history? If so, please provide details, as well as the healing work that you've done in recovery from your personal trauma.
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If you are currently receiving psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, and/or counselling, please tell us about the history and processes you are using currently.
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I have read and understood our Yoga Teacher Training terms and conditions, and will be fully responsible for you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing during the retreat. Atira Tan & Gemini Adams will not be held liable for any injuries or other medical or mental health problems that may occur, are sustained or aggravated during or after your time on this training. *
Thank you so much for filling out this registration form! We look forward to journeying with you!
With Love, Atira & Gemini
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