Terevaka Archaeological Outreach - 2020 Internship Application (Deadline: March 15, 2020)
Please fill out all sections of this form to the best of your ability. For more information, visit www.terevaka.net/intern.html
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What countries, if any, have you traveled to outside of the United States? *
Are you able to hike long distances (e.g., 5 miles) carrying a backpack? *
Are you comfortable camping for extended periods of time? *
All interns will camp for the majority of the duration of the 2020 program.
From most places in the U.S., airfare to Easter Island will be around $2,000. Assuming TAO will NOT be able to pay for your airfare, do you see this as a major obstacle in your ability to participate? *
How did you learn about TAO and the TAO internship opportunity? *
Please be as specific as possible.
How do you envision your participation in TAO contributing to your academic and/or professional career. *
Please describe any special skills or experience you have that you feel might make you especially important for the program. *
This could include anything like GPS/GIS skills, website construction or other computer programs, English teaching abilities, etc..
The tentative dates for the 2020 program are June 1st to July 29th. Will these dates present a conflict in scheduling for you? *
Please list the name, institutional affiliation, email address, and phone number for your first contact of reference. *
Please list the name, institutional affiliation, email address, and phone number for your second contact of reference. *
Before your application is considered complete, an up-to-date university transcript is required. It should be emailed directly to terevaka.net@gmail.com. *
Unofficial transcripts are fine.
If accepted as an intern, you will be responsible for acquiring (and providing evidence of) your own travel insurance that includes medical evacuation. *
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