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Before you apply.... some notes to consider:

Hut life is a fantastic opportunity, and has great benefits for wellbeing, but it also requires a commitment of time and energy. It is important that applicants understand this. We are inviting Expressions of Interest from anyone who feels they may be ready to make this commitment.

It is important to state that huts are not holiday homes in the modern sense and they are not primary residences. A hutter/family/group goes back and forth to their hut over a long period of time, building a deep relationship with the place it is located. The traditional pattern of hut life is that hutters have a hut that is fairly near their primary home so that hut use becomes a regular part of their lives: weekends, holidays and more. For this reason, applicants would normally live within 50 miles of the hut site. It is important that the huts are easily accessible, both for the formation and function of a hutting community, and to reduce the carbon footprint of the site.

As well as being responsible for the construction and maintenance of their hut, each hutter/family/group will be an active member of the Carnock Hutters Group, which will be set up as a constituted body. The Group will be expected to work together as a community to organise and manage every aspect of the running of the hut site. The Group will negotiate and sign a lease with Forest Enterprise Scotland which manages the land on behalf of Scottish Ministers.

However, while the above responsibilities are considerable, the benefits are likely to be even greater. Once the structure is in place then everyone can concentrate on relaxing and exploring the countryside around Carnock.

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