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Thema Azize Serwa is always excited about opportunities to speak or service for your event. We love to bring The Womb Sauna to people who are ready to learn and experience what we provide.

Use this form to submit a request for The Womb Sauna to be present at your next upcoming event. To retain Thema for events there is a $300 retainer fee in addition to any necessary traveling, lodging, and food costs. If your request is for an online radio show speaking engagement or interview, the $300 retainer fee is waived with approval of the request. If you are a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner, the $300 retainer fee is waived as well, but all traveling, lodging, and food costs must be paid.

For all other events, once your request is approved, to have it added to her calendar the $300 retainer fee must be paid first and you will receive an invoice for that fee. This retainer fee is non-refundable.
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Please allow up to 3 business days for your request to be reviewed and responded to. In addition, the best way to ensure acceptance of your request is to have all the details when you complete this form. If you are not able to provide the information we are requesting below, your request will not be accepted.
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If this event is outside of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area (within 20 miles) be prepared to pay for Thema's traveling, lodging, and food costs.
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Once your request is approved, documentation of the aforementioned arrangements must be provided within 3 business days of approval.
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