ISCEE Membership Application
Membership applications are due for all general members by Coronation each year and late after the first membership meeting following Coronation. Questions or concerns?
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As the primary communication method of the ISCEE, I understand that I may access information on Facebook at as well as an ISCEE Facebook group chat that new members should be added to. All official information will be posted in these locations and/or at monthly membership meetings. If I am not a Facebook member, I understand I must work with another ISCEE member who is a user to access event and official information. I understand I must email for any further information.
By-Laws of the ISCEE *
I agree that I will be bound by the By-Laws of The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Evergreen Empire and I further agree that my application shall be contingent upon my ability to be a member in good standing.
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