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Terms and Conditions
By submitting this form, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

• Once registration has been completed and confirmed you will be contacted for payment information. If our class is full, you will be put on a first come, first served waiting list.
• Students will be treated and should behave just as they would in a regular class environment.  All normal school rules will apply.
• Students work in pairs sharing a robotics kit and a Windows 10 laptop computer.
• Students will have a partner for activities and are expected to cooperate and share well.
• No previous experience is required for most classes unless otherwise stated.
• Students will not take home any materials unless otherwise specified and arranged.
• Cost includes class materials and classroom use of computers unless otherwise specified. At times we may offer kits for purchase at an additional materials cost.
• Parents will be invited to view various game activities.
• Classes can be repeated — new challenges are available each year.
• If my child is ill or unable to attend Robotics class, I will do my best to notify Eva Carrender prior to class by phone 408-359-3057 or email at Eva@CarrenderRobotics.com. If my child is too ill to attend a full day of school, I will not bring my child to Robotics class. Children that have vomited within 24 hours or have a contagious illness (including head lice) should not attend Robotics class for the health and safety of all concerned.  
• In case of illness or injury. If your child is ill or injured at Robotics class, we will notify you as soon as possible so you may pick up your child via the mandatory phone number you provided. If you are not available, we will call the emergency contacts on your child's information form (please keep this information current). In case of an emergency, we will contact emergency personnel as deemed appropriate for the safety of your child.
• In the event that my child should sustain illness or injury while in Robotics class, I hereby authorize such aid or treatment as may be necessary under the circumstances, to include a physician or hospital as deemed necessary for the safety of the child.
• Please notify Carrender Robotics of any special needs your child may need to assure their safety such as allergies, autism spectrum, ADD or ADHD or anything we should know to give your child the best learning experience possible.
• Students should not bring any electronic devices, trading cards, skateboards, skates, musical devices, games, Lego parts or sets, or valuables to class. They will be confiscated and returned to the parents at the end of the day.  
• Cellphones are allowed for personal use and should be kept put away in a backpack or other bag for safe keeping and not used in class unless otherwise arranged. Occasionally the students will be allowed to photograph their projects. Carrender Robotics is not responsible for loss or theft of personal items.
• Students will be required to completely clean up all Robotics parts and class materials before leaving at the end of each class.
• All Students must be signed out by an adult after Robotics classes unless otherwise arranged in writing.
• We aspire to impart good behavior in all our students. However, Carrender Robotics reserves the right to ask any student to not continue, if the student is deemed to be compromising the quality of experience of a class and other students.  If the student is excessively unruly or disruptive, we reserve the right to suspend or expel the student from Robotics class without a refund.
• Privacy. All family information submitted on our form is used for teaching classes at Carrender Robotics and to ensure the safety of your child. We do not sell or distribute your private information in any way.
• Hold Harmless. I hereby waive any claims or causes of action, which I might now or hereafter have against Eva Carrender or Carrender Robotics or any persons or volunteers working for Carrender Robotics arising out of my child's participation in Robotics class, and I will hold harmless and indemnify against any and all claims resulting from such participation.
• Many of these classes are an excellent preparation for students interested in robotics competitions such as RoboJam, FIRST LEGO® League, Bricks by the Bay, or the Tech Challenge.
• The competition schedule is subject to tournament availability of the organizers of that tournament.
• Winning. I understand that participation in Robotics classes or teams does not guarantee a winning team at any Robotics conventions or competitions. Winning is determined by the judges at the individual events and is not influenced by Eva Carrender or Carrender Robotics or participation in Robotics classes.
• Refund/Credit Policy. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.  All classes must be paid in full, to save a reserved spot for the class.  All payments for each class session are due before class begins. Once class session has begun, no refunds will be given.
• We will not issue refunds or makeup sessions for partial attendance, sickness or closures due to inclement weather, earthquake or fire or flood or power outage or other natural disaster.
• Refunds will not be given to students who have been asked to not participate due to disruptive behavior in a class.
• Carrender Robotics reserves the right to cancel any program due to low enrollment. Upon cancellation, parents will be notified, and a full refund will be issued.
• All requests for transfers, refunds or credits must be made via email or in writing. Any refunds will be charged a processing fee of $30.
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If you have any comments, questions or concerns, or to communicate an absence, please contact:

Eva Carrender    

P.O. Box 3104
Santa Clara, CA 95055

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