Early Career Guidance Pack Submissions

This guide is designed for your contributions to our Early Career Guidance Pack, spanning 1-6 pages.

In the initial phase, we received an overwhelming response of over 100 submissions from early-career individuals in our network. We asked for their input on what would make the ultimate resource pack for early career development, which we aim to distribute at no cost.

Based on the feedback, I've identified several key areas of interest. Your contributions addressing these areas are greatly appreciated. After reviewing, I will compile these into a comprehensive document. Please submit your contribution in PDF format and provide a download link:

  1. Job Preparation and Market Entry: Effective strategies for securing entry-level positions, emphasizing the importance of showcasing skills and projects in portfolios for roles in game development, design, and marketing. This section should also cover advice on crafting impactful portfolios and resumes, particularly for those transitioning from different industries.

  2. Career Development and Pathways: Insights into the vital skills and tools needed for game developers and designers, and advice on career transitions utilizing skills from software engineering, marketing, or related fields.

  3. Networking and Professional Growth: Practical advice for initiating online conversations, making strong impressions in job interviews, and expanding your professional network. This section is particularly aimed at introverts and individuals dealing with communication fatigue.

  4. Global Work and Challenges: Guidance on navigating opportunities for remote work, as well as visa and immigration hurdles, especially pertinent to international candidates and those in regions with limited gaming industry presence.

  5. Mental Health and Industry Insights: Tips for managing the stress of job searching and fostering a productive mindset amidst the pressures of the industry.

  6. Educational Resources and Access: Strategies for enhancing your LinkedIn profile, connecting with mentors, and finding scholarships and mentorship opportunities, with an emphasis on inclusivity for underrepresented groups and specialized areas.

  7. Market Insights and Job Search Optimization: Knowledge on market trends, skill enhancement, negotiating salaries, and refining your job search strategy for better outcomes.

  8. Inclusivity, Diversity, and Industry Challenges: Highlighting resources for individuals from non-traditional backgrounds, engaging with minority groups, and overcoming the high entry barriers within the industry.

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